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Looking to develop a Cold Brew beverage program in house? Intimidated? Need help? Cold Brew Consulting could be the solution . . .

The traditional model of copacking isn’t for everyone, but building out a cold brew facility can be daunting. Many potential cold brew products are not going to make it to market because they cant get “out of the gate”.

The typical inquiries we get range from wholesale roasters, small beverage operations, and retail cafes. All these passion driven groups are so saturated with running their own operations the idea of going through the pain of starting up something again is intimidating.

But sometimes all you need is some help.

Consulting is a great way to develop an in-house Cold Brew coffee product without having to go through the painful and slow learning curve (again).

Cold Brew Coffee Consulting

Some of our inquires might be better served developing products entirely in house, or developing key processes in the production chain and find solutions outside for just key steps. Perhaps this is a great first step, and eventually transition to co-packing services. It might seem intimidating, it might even seem unfeasible. However the truth is you don’t have to be a large company to benefit from, and build to, real cold brew coffee production.

Consulting Services for your cold Brew Project

  • Sourcing the right raw materials, from green coffee to equipment.
  • Developing a unique and producible flavor profile.
  • Making the most efficient brewing process possible.
  • Finding the right packaging approach.
  • Creating the right, and safe, production environment to pass inspections and become certified vendors for retail.
  • Crafting the right business structures and operations frameworks to sustain growth.

Start-up Consulting for Cold Brew

Starting the monster is often harder than keeping it going. There are lots of considerations, and lots of traps. One of the primary benefits of using consulting is to keep the process and manufacturing dynamics in focus while you manage all the other moving pieces. Raising capital, determining capital structure, running current operations and several other factors make it easy to lose focus on optimizing production process.

Startups also tend to have trouble getting the right sized equipment, and finding the right vendors. The current use of brewing equipment (Beer and Wine mostly) for cold brew has some benefits, but some of the “systems” look cool but might be a disaster in the real world.

Consulting for existing Cold Brew Operations

Have a current product, but missing the profit? Could it taste better? Do you need to optimize the production process for staff efficiency, food safety, or more margin? Are there better ways to get more yield from the current product? Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can help.

If you would like to discuss your project, and determine if consultation is a good solution, contact us via the form below. Sometimes all you need is a bit of help, encouragement, and objective thinking to get your project rolling.