Copacking Cold Brew Coffee requires several evaluation steps that you might not have faced in your own operations. Normally parties contacting us for cold brew coffee copacking (or contract manufacturing) are coming from one (or a combination of) the following different scenarios. Each situation has a slightly different internal expertise, and sometimes different goal:

  • Small to Mid Size Retail Coffee Operations (cafes)
  • Coffee Roasters
  • Product Marketing Organizations
  • Beverage Manufacturers without Coffee Industry Knowledge

Copacking Cold Brew Coffee for Small to Mid Size Retail Coffee Operations

The typical scenario we see with this group will fall into one or more issues:

  1. Small local coffee shop(s) that currently do some kind of cold brew (full immersion, kyoto-drip, or similar) and have a great product or following and want to get something for customers to take home, or want to develop a more robust system for kegs.
  2. Wants to start selling to other local businesses like tap houses, restaurant and specialty stores.
  3. Wants to do more cold brew but is “up to their hind end in alligators” running cafe operations and doesn’t have the bandwidth to start up beverage production facilities.
  4. Want help improving quality, sourcing, and consistency with their cold brew and don’t have the resources or experience.

Coffee Roasters

The classic roaster operation has a lot more experience in the basic manufacturing and facility management and typically have the following unique needs:

  1. They don’t have space in current facility to develop and produce a beverage line.
  2. They don’t have experience with food manufacturing or beverage development.
  3. They are simply too busy but have an amazing opportunity to service their current customers with parallel products to increase revenue.

Product Marketing Organizations

Because the cold brew category is exploding, it has gathered attention from Product Marketing specialists. We get contacted by companies that have identified a niche market, a delivery method, or a trend that they can uniquely exploit. They don’t have any facility or industry experience, but have all the goods when it comes to the marketing and sales engine. These organizations often need:

  1. Product development particulars that fit with their marketing story
    1. Origin
    2. Sourcing
    3. Product quality
    4. Story and background connecting end customer with the whole concept that is being developed and presented.
  2. Turn-Key Manufacturing
  3. Flexible, adaptive manufacturing schema
  4. Plan for scale

Beverage Manufacturers without Coffee Industry Knowledge

Beverage manufacturers already have a lot of the specifics in play. However the coffee industry is very different than normal, big scale beverage manufacturing. Extraction based, long duration manufacturing is very different from mixing and bottling. The quality issues are also very vulnerable to heat and processing process within classic beverage manufacturing. The agricultural element, along with seasonal variability is also significant. The focus for these clients is normally centered on:

  1. Flavor Profile development.
  2. Sourcing consistent quantity and quality.
  3. Roasting profile development and QC.
  4. Brewing technique and process control consulting.


Each inquiry brings it’s own dynamics. There is no one size fits all, and often it is a mix of several factors listed above that need to be addressed. Portola Coffee Lab and Cold Craft have extensive experience with sourcing specialty coffee, roasting development and leading edge brewing techniques. When we work with a potential partner for contracted manufacturing of cold brew coffee it is often surprising at how many factors need to be addressed to develop and scale up beverage manufacturing to high quality standards.

Contact Us if you want to know more about what we can do to help you with your cold brew manufacturing.

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