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ColdCraft™ on Draft

Our goal with this product is to present a complex, multi-layered cold brew that hits as many of the flavor possibilities in the origin as possible. Because we work directly with this farm, we are constantly adapting our roasting and brewing to the quality improvements made in the field and processing at origin. Our unique relationship ensures exclusivity for this origin, and keeps the supply steady and consistent.

We use up to 4 different roast profiles, washed and natural processing, and employ multiple grind and brewing parameters. This hybrid approach pulls out multiple flavor facets and maximum extraction even with a light roast profile.

Cold Craft Draft Cold Brew was born in the day in, day out, real world of Portola Coffee Lab’s specialty coffee cafes. We spent over 18 months developing and optimizing each facet of the process; Sourcing, Roasting, Brewing, Filtration and Packaging

Cold Brew CoffeeStraight Cold Brew at a brew strength designed to be served over ice
  • Farm: Finca La Milagrosa
  • Origin: Boquette, Panama
  • Altitude: 1600m/5250ft
  • Varietal: Typica, Catuai, Caturra
  • Processing Type: Washed, Natural
  • Flavor Profile
    • Body: Medium to Medium-Heavy
    • Acidity: Bright, Structured
    • Sweetness: Medium, Balanced
    • Fruit: Red Fruits (Plum, Dark Cherry), Apricot, dried fruit in the background
    • Chocolate: Milk Chocolate
    • Nut: Almond, Hazelnut
Nitro Cold Brew CoffeeNitrogenated Cold Brew. Can be served with or without ice
Hop Infused Cold Brewed CoffeeHop Infused with Citra Hops at a brew strength designed to be served over ice
Root Beer Spiced Cold BrewRoot Beer spiced (Vanilla, Birch, Sarsparilla, Molasses) Still or Nitro, with ice or without
(GREAT with Ice Cream!)


Single Origin Specialty

We have the ability to run specialty single origin coffee as a special order. If you are looking for something unique, or have a special coffee you would like to feature, we can work with you to optimize it and keg it for your operation. Many of the higher end coffees work very well as an iced coffee preparation or as strictly cold brewed allowing for seriously dynamic flavor profiles.

Some examples of products we have run are:

  • ARDI (Ethiopia): This naturally processed Sidama coffee is very complex, with a lot of fruit potential, along with the heavy florals typically associated with this region.
  • Kimmibarra (Kenya): Bright, high acidity with tropical fruits.
  • La Milagrosa Geisha (Panama): Caramel and white grape flavors. Very subtle and delicate.
  • Heza Hills (Burundi): Very floral and spicy, this unique coffee provides and incredible change of pace.

Our Approach: You don’t have to compromise on flavor when it comes to Cold Brew Coffee! We take the same meticulous, quality focused approach in our high end cafes and make the best tasting specialty cold brew in the market.

Flavor First Coffee Sourcing

You can’t make great cold brew coffee from cheap, dirty, stale beans. Cold Craft sources from the best coffee farms in the world, DIRECTLY… And we mean real Direct Trade… not just “My Importer works with a farm”. We work with many of our sources at the farm level. The time and effort it takes to maintain this relationship is worth the quality.

Sourcing Great Coffee At Origin

Flavor First Coffee Sourcing 5

Finca La Milgrosa in Boquette Panama is one of our exclusive partners

Like every other agriculturally based product, Great Cold Brew Coffee starts with the coffee, at the beginning…. in the field.

You cannot make great coffee with bad beans. You can manipulate them, burn them, add all kinds of chemicals and additives, but you wont actually end up with good coffee….

Coffee is grown significantly far away from where it is most consumed. 3rd world, equatorial regions produce the top specialty grade coffee. Getting the best beans in the field is the first step, and that means partnering with farmers. For a quick example, check out our work with Finca La Milagrosa in Panama.

It isn’t enough to find a good farm. You need to partner with them, for the long term. Our goal is to help our partner farmers increase quality not just for one harvest, but sustainable and consistent year over year.

We WANT our partner farmers to create so much quality at the initial step, they will actually charge us MORE!

You read that right… it is in our best interests to help bringFlavor First Coffee Sourcing 1 any resource to our farmer partners possible so the resulting product is constantly improving and adding value to their incredibly hard work.

Flavor First Coffee Sourcing 4By securing long term relationships and treating farmers as core partners in our endeavors, we bring quality to the table on both sides. This quality means great product for us, and sustainable, reliable income and support for the farmer.

We have several long term projects underway bring some technical support, process improvement, and quality control to our partner farmers and it shows in our end product.


Flavor First Coffee Roasting

Art meet Science, Science meet Art. You both will get along just fine…

Cupping Cold Brew Coffee

This isn’t Art, its Jeff… Portola Coffee Roasting owner and founding partner at Cold Craft with his nose into yet another sample


Roasting coffee seems simple. Just get those beans to heat up and brown them. The real question is for how long? At what temp? How quickly did they get what temp? What flavors did you get vs. what did you lose?

The whole “3rd Wave” approach to coffee has resulted in incredible improvement for sourcing and brewing. However roasting is still a moving target. Coffee isn’t something made in a factory (unless you are certain multinational corporations that put out millions of pounds a year of char). Each season, each region, and each farmer have significant variation. And those variables demand a thoughtful response at this crucial step.

Specialty Cold Brew Coffee Roasting

Cold Craft takes our background in high end coffee roasting (Micro Roaster of the Year 2015!) and blends both an artistic as well as a scientific approach to the process.

Flavor First Coffee Brewing

Just like its hot sibling, cold brewed coffee needs the right approach to brewing. This isn’t your commodity dump and run cold brew in a can!

Specialty Cold Brew Coffee Brewing

Brewing and Bottling Excellent Coffee

All the results of the work spent sourcing and roasting can be lost at the brewing and bottling step. Our job is to extract the maximum out of these carefully selected and roasted coffee beans, and then capture the flavors and aromas and keep them safe until you drink it.

Cold Craft uses a set of constantly evolving technologies and techniques that deliver maximum flavor and protection from the two biggest enemies of flavor, Time and Oxygen . . .

Oxygen Free – From Brew to Bottle

Cold Craft brews our cold brew coffee products with both a craft based approach, and a set of proprietary methods to maintain the highest possible quality in the end product. Brewing our coffee is as much art as science, and the result is the best expression of the hard work and care taken by each previous step. Oxidization is a key element in flavor degradation. Flavor and aromas compounds are binding with oxygen, essentially they are rusting! This process starts breaking the good molecules down and giving off undesirable “off” flavors, as well as affecting the texture and “mouth feel” of the beverage. That’s Bad. By maintaining an oxygen free environment from the brewing step to the packaging, we are able to retain the sophisticated, and subtle aromatic compounds, and keep them from spoiling. This not only maintains fresh, intoxicating aroma and flavor, but keeps them for much, much longer.

Time waits for no… beverage

Another problem with coffee based beverages is time. Time allows great things to fade and die out. Things like volatile acids and sugars that provide fruity, herbal, floral and sweet elements break down. Very similar to craft beer, and the results of dry and wet hopping, these compounds need to be captured, packaged, delivered, and consumed as close to their production as possible. Time also plays a factor in the roasted beans themselves. Coffee that has been roasted is immediately put on a time clock. Most high end roasted coffee has 7-14 days MAXIMUM before the highly desirable flavors the roaster has worked so hard to achieve are gone. Brewing fresh coffee is best. To go one step further up the chain of coffee, green coffee (unroasted) has it’s own shelf life. Most premium, specialty coffee will stay at it’s peak for 6-12 months. As an agricultural product with one harvest a year, from 3 different geographical regions with different timetables, this means that holding coffee too long can be very detrimental to the quality of the end product. Cold Craft Bev Co works directly with growers and imports great beans, with an eye to maximizing usage for peak flavor.